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Thank s for playing, Also found something i should fix 

ok i like dance with zombie ahhaha

Based on the limited info here about this i was skeptical about downloading it. Though overall it's not a bad start. For those interested as of 1.4 you can currently run around the (huge) map, scroll wheel will draw your weapon, typical mouse controls for firing, there is no damage to the player as far as i can tell, though you can kill the enemies. That's about it, there is a T for a dance which is a little on the goofy side, but overall i think it's a great beginning, i'll be keeping an eye on this!

Glad you played and enjoyed,and thanks for the comment. Working hard on a fully function demo. coming soon

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New update 1.51 available

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Just took it for a quick test run! Right away I have to hand it to you for progress! Can't say anything for the audio as I currently have to play muted. I'm not sure if there was only the one gun in 1.4 but i noticed a second this time around! The horde mode looks like it's coming together and at first I thought the blur would get to me but it ended up really adding to the overall aesthetic! Didn't have a WHOLE lot of time in it (as i'm writing this 10 minutes after it went live) but to me it seems like the weapons fire dead center of the reticle, this may or may not be the case, but if it is I would love to see a little spread (not sure how tough that would be). Overall a great update that I'm sure I'll be playing more of as soon as I have the opportunity! 

Thanks alot for the feedback, the next update stuff gets REAL!

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Your game looks interesting. Please let me know when your next update is out and I'll check it out.

EDIT: You should create a Discord server.

Thanks new build available. Will be getting a discord soon as well

Changing the direction of my game a bit, think i found my loop.

love for a new test when you have some time

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Not sure if I've mentioned that I love your character models, if not I should have! Overall I still like the idea, and look forward to what you have in store for us! Things that jump out at me though, 

Speed, I like the idea of walking and holding shift to actually escape the creatures, though the takeoff could use just a slight bump, at first i wasn't sure I was even moving. Not a big bump mind you! The low acceleration and top speed without sprinting really adds to the ambiance. 

Stamina/Health bars, could stand out a bit more, took me a while to notice what they did. Also I personally think the stamina bar is either too large or refills too quickly, once i got the grips of things it was rather easy to keep my distance (unless you're aiming for a really fast paced shooter in the long term)

Main Menu, Is REALLY dark and messing with the character creator was rather difficult (Looking at screen shot this may be on my end...shall be looking into it)

Controls, I'm sure they will be getting tweaked but I wouldn't feel right giving you feedback without this. Switching weapons was rough, would love to see a 1,2,3 kind of thing. Love the slide, not sure what it actually is for but I had a blast just spamming Q while I ran. The main menu is, to put it nicely, hard to navigate and it took me a second to come to grips with it, same with the in game menus. I'm torn as to whether i would want to see the menus pause, while i like the idea, i also like the sense of urgency that comes over me while i'm looking at stuff, keeps me on my toes.

I know this is SUPER long, but, you're doing GREAT so far! Keep it up!

Thanks for your feedback as always, well taken